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"Social Anxiety, The Capitalist Industry of Sexual Labor and Gender in Early Twentieth Century Argentina: Between Determinist Narratives of Prostitution and the Power of Rewriting Narratives—and Lives."

This work explores the intersection of capitalism, nationhood, and female sexuality in late 19th and early 20th century Argentine discourses of prostitution. It traces how the female labor force in the first wave of industrialization, specifically how sexual labor, underlines male state insecurities at the turn of the century. It analyzes how cultural texts create narratives that dialogue with and contribute to the dehumanizing cultural imaginary surrounding the prostitute. Finally, it proposes a counternarrative using the life of Raquel Liberman as a contradiction to that cultural imaginary.

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Online Publication, Alternative Publication

In collaboration with Madison Felman-Panagotacos, M.A.

This project is interested in the different ways that cinema presents and also re-presents spaces of confinement from the Spanish and Argentine dictatorships. Each of these dictatorships were marked by the disappearances of thousands of people, imprisonment/torture of women, and child abuse. Specifically, our research centers on how documentaries and fiction films construct and portray spaces in their work and the impact these spaces have on the narrative and, ultimately, what it implicitly communicates to the audience about state-induced trauma.

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