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Research Projects

Most of these projects are associate with a graduate student course. They are listed in order of completion to show the development of digital skills.

Trauma, Memory and Confinement: (Re)presentations of Space in Dictatorial Cinema

Final Project, SPAN 272B: Post-Francoist Hauntologies

In collaboration with Madison Felman-Panagotacos, M.A.

#DigitalStorytelling #Scalar #Trauma #FrancoistSpain #JuntaInArgentina #TransAtlanticComparisons

This project is interested in the different ways that cinema presents and also re-presents spaces of confinement from the spanish and argentine dictatorships. Each of these dictatorships were marked by the disappearances of thousands of people, imprisonment/torture of women, and child abuse. Specifically, our research centers on how documentaries and fiction films construct and portray spaces in their work and the impact these spaces have on the narrative and, ultimately, what it implicitly communicates to the audience about state-induced trauma.

Centralized Resource Database for UCLA (Prototype)

Final Project, INF STD 289: Digital Methods

#DigitalMethods #Website #StudentAffairs #DatasetBuilding #UniversityResources

I was inspired by the first generation student experience. The main goal of this project is to provide a central platform of student resources with links and pathways to official resource websites. Maneuvering the university space can be difficult. It is my goal to make useful information as accessible as possible to students. This is a prototype used to argue for establishing an official central resource website at UCLA.

User Prejudices: Social Media Campaigns in Battles for the U.S. Presidency

Final Project, DGT HUM 201: Intro to Digital Humanities

#DataAnalytics #DataCleaning #ImageAnalysis #Clinton #Bernie #SocialMedia

A data set was compiled by (now that pulled images posted by presidential candidates during the 2016 election from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Due to the shear amount of data and the time constraints of the project, I chose to focus on the followers of the digital Hilary Clinton campaign. The numbers prove what has long been suspected: No one cares what she has to say.

U.S. Immigration & Twitter

Scraping Twitter Data, DGT HUM 250: Social Media Analytics

#DataMining #TextAnalysis #Infographic #WhitePaper #USMexicoBorder #FamiliesBelongTogether

An infographic and white paper were developed from twitter data pulled from various twitter hashtags relating to the separation of migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico Border. The main research questions where: 1) Who is speaking about this topic?, 2) What are they saying?, and 3) From where are they speaking?


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